What is Internet of Things?

The Definition

According to Techopedia,

Internet of Things (IoT) is a computing concept, that describes the idea of everyday physical objects being connected to the internet and being able to identify themselves to other devices.

In past decade, there has been a steady increase in IoT devices every year. In very basic terms, IoT means connecting all the objects or devices that you see around using the incredible power of Internet.
Recently, there has been a pushing focus on connected devices as Alexa, Siri. These devices are under the umbrella of IoT. This post will introduce the world of IoT to you with the architecture, the currently available applications and finally illustrating some concerns.


Internet of things is a combination of following three parts:

1. Sensors and Actuators
A physical quantity such as sound, temperature, moisture, etc. is measured in this particular part. This particular part acts as a transducer to convert the physical quantities into electrical signal.
2. Connectivity
This part is the communication medium with which the parts are supposed to exchange information or talk to each other. Predominantly, the examples are WiFi, Bluetooth or BLE, LoPAN, etc.
3. Processes
The ultimate part where the consumers get involved in. This part involves important decision making or data integration. It can also be seen as the application area for any given IoT idea.

Here’s a quick diagram to explain it all.


There are extensive applications of IoT which you can see in below categories
– Consumer
– Commercial
– Industrial
– Infrastructure
I will take you through one example each from above categories.

Smart Homes
With advent of IoT more and more tech houses are going towards the Smart Homes phenomenon. For instance Google Homes and Apple Homes are increasingly becoming popular. Using smart home, your fridge would know when you are running out of milk and you can set the temperature/light of your bedroom according to the time of the day.

Thanks to the devices such as wireless sensors and GPS, now one can track a vehicle and also see the conditions of cargo and relevant assets. There are many projects which use these type of tracking for effective delivery and tracking during transportation from one place to the other.

Industrial IoT, or more familiar IIoT, is identified as industrial subset of IoT. Currently, predictive maintenance is the important focus area. After implementing IIoT, experts suggest it will generate $12 trillion of global GDP by 2030.

With more and more metropolitan cities paying great attention towards the safety of their people, monitoring and controlling operations of infrastructures like bridges, railway tracks, etc. becomes very crucial task. IoT is currently helping the industry by time saving, cost reduction, etc.

Concerns with IoT

As the technology is getting ahead in the game, there are many pros as well as cons are cropping up. We will look at the most important concern with IoT – Privacy and Security Concern.

Privacy and Security Concern
With IoT, there is a potential threat for privacy invasion. As the world moves towards devices which monitor us, control over collected data from consumer carries a major importance. Security has become a nagging problem in relevance of adopting IoT, sometimes the consumers are ending up abandoning IoT devices and services.

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The First Post!

Welcome to IoT Gabfest! Your very own place to understand and discuss valuable information related to Internet of Things!
It is my pleasure to have you on my blog, hope the content proves useful to you!


First, I will start with my introduction. My name is Aditya Kulkarni and you can call me Aadi. Professionally, I am into project management and one of my interest areas is to keep in touch with latest technology trends. Once I get to know about something, I always feel it is my responsibility to tell the world about it!
With the same intention, I have created this blog for Internet of Things.

This post will help you understand:

    What this blog is going to do and
    What it is NOT going to do.

I wanted to create a forum first, but I thought of taking a step back and understand my audience better! Just in case you are curious, the word Gabfest means – discussion or conversation. I know you’ve googled it already!

What is this blog about?
My aim for creating this blog is to consolidate all the available information about Internet of Things. As an aspiring Internet of Things enthusiast, I have been through all the hassles of searching the web and spending endless time getting to the bare minimum of Internet of Things.
There are many trending things like connected homes, cities which are in relation to Internet of Things, which go unnoticed just because the search is not directed in the correct direction.
Also, there are many webinars happening, which introduce the latest trend. Mind you, these webinars are FREE, but we just don’t get to know about them!
So, my vision is – Provide a centralized space on web for the IoT enthusiast to enrich his/her IoT knowledge!

Each blog post will create a conversation. Please use the comments section extensively to discuss and clear all your doubts related to IoT. I am (obviously) expecting you to invite your friends to join the discussion too, so watch out for that social media plugin along with the post!

What this blog is NOT about?
This blog is not about just a site dictionary of IoT related things. I do admit that I will have to redirect you all to the particular sites/pages for detailed info, but I don’t intend to provide you a dry and mundane list of related websites. There are plenty of other sites for that and you can utilize them as per your convenience!

This blog is not about just marketing some content for the sake of it! If I see any value in the content, then only it will be on this blog. And I know my readers will definitely correct me if I am not following my own words!

As I go ahead with this blog, I expect you to be that critique which inspires me to write more and provide you more content!

Thanks for reading the post in its entirety! Feel free to browse the blog and provide any suggestions in the suggestions box!

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