Connected Cars

With increasing importance of automation, one would also want their travel to become automated or effortless.  Connected Car is gathering eyeballs ever since Great Britain has identified it as legitimate vehicle since 2015.

There are many different definitions of Connected Cars available on the Internet. From Wikipedia,

A connected car is a car that is equipped with Internet access, and usually also with a wireless local area network.

Another way of looking at connected car will be:

A connected car is a vehicle equipped with intelligent systems and services connected to the Internet.

As per a report from market research consulting firm Statistics MRC, the connected car market in 2017 accounted for $72.95 billion and is expected to reach $280.36 billion by 2026.

Let us look into the details of why Connected Cars are special in theory.

  • They act as a pivot for a couple of ecosystems to work together. Vehicle-To-Vehicle(V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure(V2I) create a communication channel between other cars and infrastructure like traffic lights.
  • Car speed and distance between the other vehicle can be adjusted using various sensors installed.
  • Voice recognition allows the cars to be handled by their respective owners only. Different meetings and appointments can be managed just by the voice of the owner. Taking to the next level, the usual chores and the To-Dos can also be done by voice.
  • The navigation system steers through the crowded city roads with no or minimal inputs from the driver.
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Looking at these points from practical implementation point of view, there are these observations from recent years.

  • With technology entering the automobile market, GPS navigation, reverse cameras have created a space for above theories to become a reality.
  • More and more attention is on passenger safety, regional transport authorities are now recognizing the value of technology to come up with basic norms like a seat belt indicator or airbags.

Having said this, connected cars domain is not really the bed of roses! When it comes to connected cars, new users are getting concerned about data privacy and possibility of hacking as well.

  • Many of the car parts are designed to run by microprocessors. These parts include accelerator pedal or the turn signal. Moreover, being viewed as a self-contained entity, a connected car is not paid with much concern.
  • While there are many car manufacturers which are taking this issue on priority, there is an equal percentage of the manufacturers who are not seeing this as a risk. So it is unclear whether the automotive industry identifies this as a problem.

The exciting future awaits where integration of AI and connected cars makes our travel from Point A to Point B completely effortless. Just by using an IP address, you car can now connect with your home as well as other cars on the road!

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