IoT Design Fiction

It is a usual week day and you wake up as Amazon Alexa turns on your favorite radio station playing energetic songs appropriate for the morning. You drag yourself out of bed brushing your teeth as the mirror on the wall displays what’s making news!

It’s time for the jog around the park, you wear the Apple watch and start the workout for next 30 minutes or so. The watch is connected to Health app in your iPhone, tracking every single step that you take towards burning that big fat meal at your friend’s wedding last weekend. Siri provides you an accurate track of the workout so far and what’s remaining to reach your goal.

As you reach your home, watch pops up a message to congratulate you on your progress towards the goal and the calories burnt during the workout. While you are away, Alexa has already synced up with your fridge to create a To Do list for any items needing refill. The list is updated automatically in Evernote and a reminder is set for the evening.

It’s time for breakfast! Your command to review today’s list of tasks motivates you to spearhead into the day. Before you start with the breakfast, it’s the picture time! You take a picture of your breakfast in phone and your phone automatically calculates the calories you are about to consume. After this energy boosting breakfast, you are ready to start your day.

Sensing your commute time, your garage door is already open as you get into your car. The car is connected to your work calendar and the Heads Up Display (HUD) shows the meetings during the day and their respective locations across the city. With your voice, you turn off the HUD, eyes on the road first! 🙂

As the day progresses ahead, you are reminded by your watch to drink plenty of water. You keep yourself hydrated going through your tasks for the day. Around lunch time, you click the photograph of your lunch (as always) to know the count of calories. Here we go! There’s a notification on your watch to have a brisk walk post lunch, great! Everything is connected, so your phone is already tracking your calorie goals for the day. As you eat it is getting recorded, and as you walk/jog/run, it is recorded too!

You come back after the brisk walk to immerse yourself in work. Evening time approaches, you are reminded of groceries and to-do list for the anniversary that is approaching in a few days. You complete your day at work asking for directions to the best bakery in town to book a cake in advance. As you are driving through the busy roads of city, you are reviewing options for your anniversary gateway. The phone helps you to finalize the booking for that resort as well using your voice. Payment is done directly from your bank account.

Next, you are passing across the Market, the phone reminds you of groceries which are communicated by Alexa. You get down from your car and then shop the required things. This shop is cashier-free, so it is billed directly to your debit/credit card as saved in the associated store app.

As you reach home, Alexa greets you with the synopsis for your favorite show in the evening. Before you are attracted towards the thought of watching TV, you see your spouse staring at you in anger. This is an indication of dinner time!

You sit down quietly on dinner table finally using the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature on your phone. A clever technology user, you’ve put it off just for 30 minutes, because you know something more is coming up next!

Your watch reminds you of your post-dinner walk around the house. As you walk, you listen to your favorite audiobook on Audible.

After this technology driven day, you are about to doze off. Alexa has already taken care of the ambient light and music in your bedroom. You conclude your day feeling grateful about the technology around!

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