The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

    • Must read book for those who want to get better at achieving their goals.
    • Jay Papasan and Gary Keller explain how it is only ONE thing that takes you through your To do List and keeps you focused on results. Authors demolish your current beliefs about time management, productivity so that you can have a fresh start of looking at your life and desires.

Radical Candor: Be a Kickass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity

    • Kim Scott takes on the current state of bosses in different industries
    • With a great framework for managing people and also awesome terms for identifying employee personality traits, reader gets wonderful insights about being a boss.

Procrastinate on Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time

    • Rory Vaden takes on the myths that you hold about the limits on time
    • With introduction to Significance aspect of time management, author takes you on a ride for understanding the multiplication of time


    • Autobiography of Steve Wozniak; tongue-in-cheek language of looking at experiences in life keeps the reader intrigued in his story of life.
    • As a wiz-kid since childhood, author puts forth his journey right from the early days of his junior school up until the current time.

Great by Choice: Uncertainty, Chaos and Luck – Why some Thrive Despite Them All

    • James Colins reviewed the data for some successful organizations and identified the 10X leaders.
    • These leaders ¬†were in the background when the company/brand was coming into an existence and hence great fame.
    • With every company studied closely for a specified amount of time, reader gets a good understanding of what it takes for a company to be lucky or whether a company without luck survive in the market.

Unlimited Memory: How to Use Advanced Learning Strategies to Learn Faster, Remember More and be More Productive (Mental Mastery Book 1)

    • Practical advises by Kevin Horsley for understanding and improving your memory.
    • Some actionable advises will really bring forth change in your life so that you’ll start remembering day-to-day things easily.

    • With scientific research findings, Kelly McGonigal takes your through the important yet amazing world of willpower.
    • Author provides great insights on the willpower reservoir and how to keep it usable even close to the end of the day.

User Stories Applied: For Agile Software Development

    • When Agile Software Development started, it required a Bible to know how to write user stories for software requirements.
    • Mike Cohn dissects the world of User Stories and how it has helped tens and thousands of team to provide value to their customers.

Bulletproof Confidence: The Art of Not Caring What People Think and Living Fearlessly

    • The confidence game, simple yet important! Author Patrick King takes on this “simple” topic by giving examples from his own life.
    • There are important findings about confidence as a phenomenon and how one can improve confidence to deal with complex situations in life.

The Game of Life and How to Play it

    • The woman ahead of her time – Florence Scovel Shinn, explains how certain aspects of life can be dealt effectively by understanding the divine energy around us.
    • Backed by Christianity principles, author gives numerous examples from his own life which enables reader to “try-out” certain aspects.

Scrum – The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time

    • The co-creator of Scrum, Dr Jeff Sutherland explains how Scrum can help teams achieve great value by less efforts.
    • Dismantling the trivial manager and sub-ordinate hierarchy, author illustrates Scrum Principles, Roles and real-world examples with ease, providing the reader a great knowledge of the topic.

Mind Maps: Quicker Notes, Better Memory, and Improved Learning 2.0

    • With great productivity tools all around, Mind Maps are still in fashion!
    • Micheal Taylor explains how Mind Maps can be used for problem solving, memorizing things and take better decisions.